Dale Sweetland

Dale Sweetland

Dale Sweetland is a famous author and essay writer. He earned his degree in English Writing in 1989, and later, Ph. D. in Modern Literature from the Massachusetts University of Art in the year 1993. Dale Sweetland Professor joined USA Meadows University as a teacher in the fall of 2003 and is still working there as an English Writing Professor. He has also worked as an on-call bio professor at the Boston School of Creative Writing for five years.

Mr. Sweetland is researching Creative English Literature in different periods of its existence. He also has a team of apprentices with whom he is investigating the linguistic change in the English language. Dale has done a detailed analysis in modern, middle, and old English. The university professor has published 7 books and more than 20 essay articles as well as chapters in renowned academic textbooks. As per Google Scholar, his works have been cited over 15,000 times by authors of popular works.

Dale Sweetland is also a Faculty Research Assistant in the USA Meadows University and the HOD of Modern English Literature in the university. For 3 years, that is, from September 2010- July 2012.

Now, with 40 years of expertise, he is also working as an educational essay writer in an online firm functioning in the States, Ace Paper Writing Experts, and PaperLeaf writing service. Also, Dale Sweetland is a part of the Editorial Board of Linguistic Journal. He is also known for working as a quality consultant for popular enterprises in Massachusetts as well as Boston.

Working in the field of his interests, the man is known as a person who enjoys teaching students how writing, language, and literature can influence people’s minds and knowledge.

He has received various awards depicting his academic excellence. In the year 2015, Dale Sweetland received AAJS Prize in the Linguistic field. Apart from these renowned rewards, Dale has also won many other notable tributes for his work in this field.

In the professor biography of Dale Sweetland, we learned about his career and academic accomplishments as well as the contributions in the field of English Language and Literature. This man’s achievements clearly show his focus and dedication towards doing researches on essays and academic writing articles.